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Our focus is personal empowerment. 

We design formal and semi formal wear that is custom made for you using your specific measurements so the shoulders, chest and hips will always fit properly, and the style of the suit will be as masc or fem as you want because you choose the details. The result is more than a garment that fits your body properly and represents your identity. Its confidence. Empowerment. Strength.
Its knowing that you can tackle anything when you look as strong as you are.  

Run the Crown was started in 2015 in Toronto, Canada by Jared Colautti. Specializing in menswear custom made to fit a womans, trans, or non-binary body, they focus on filling the void created by the binary retail model. 

The inspiration for the business came when Jared and his wife were getting married. A masculine-presenting wedding guest wanted to wear a suit but had a difficult experience finding something that would fit, and had an even worse experience from the sales associates in traditional stores. Jared, who had been designing custom made suits for men for years, realized this was a problem that could be solved with custom made clothing. And so, Run the Crown was born. Since then, he has had the pleasure to work with clients from all across Canada and the northern United States. 

In late 2023 Jared moved to Nevada with his wife and son and now calls
Las Vegas home. 

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May joined Run the Crown as a Toronto based stylist in 2023. A native of Nigeria, May moved to Toronto in 2002 and now calls it home.


With her keen eye for trends and a commitment to personal expression, she strives to empower individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their clothing choices.


With Run The Crown's unique wardrobe consultation process, May can express her passion by helping clients create a wardrobe that not only looks good, and fits well, but also reflects their personality and aspirations.


When she is not working, she is busy experiencing the diverse cuisines Toronto has to offer and exploring the city with her dog Maxi.

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